OSA Leading Treatment
Clinically approved, the most effective way for OSA treatment. A safe, straightway, nonsurgical therapy. Go apnea-free, finally could have a full night sleep for you and your family.
A More Economical Choice
Integrated and smart design turns your CPAP to APAP with the most cost-effective way. From now on, budget is no longer a concern. Go at your own pace.
Don’t let your CPAP destroy your silent night.
Special mechanic design provides a quiet and peaceful environment with less than 28.5 dB noise level. Could you hear the pin drop?
Travel & Home
Palm size. Lightweight. Perfection of simplicity. Suitable for all kinds of circumstances. Never need another PAP.
OmniPAP Products
  • CPAP OP700
    CPAP OP700
    World 1st Upgradable xPAP System.
  • APAP OH850
    APAP OH850
    Patented Smart Apnea Detection.
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