Beyond Your Imagination. Revolutionary Midget Home PSG.
Sleep Apnea Screener 700S
8 essential physiological channels customized for your very own needs.
A breakthrough for sleep apnea screening at home.
Powerful but Light
37g weightless design fusing with high density electronic technology. This small but powerful screener provides effective Sleep Disordered Breathing diagnostics for home user.
Build a Sleep Center anywhere
An adaptable device for different application & combination based on different needs. With user friendly operation interface, high capacity memory and power saving design ensure the complete recording for long duration. With its versatility, 700S can work perfectly for home use, clinic use, and hospital use.
OSA screening at Home
The best portable OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) screening solution which satisfies both clinic and home use. Cost effective, but not compromise with its accuracy and reliability. Your sleep apnea detector that can trust.
Wearable & Ergonomic
Quick start, no special training lessons required. Easy to use interface together with ergonomic sensors, guarantee to the most convenience of operation procedure. So simple, so easy and so thoughtful.
User Friendly Professional Software
The professional software adopts intuitive interface, USB high-speed downloading, convenient automatic data analysis, interpretation and comparison functions, enable users to acquire highly reliable analysis results for further diagnosis.
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Sleep Screener
  • 700S
    Powerful 8 Channels Home PSG.