How do I know if I have OSA?

Some people might have higher risk of OSA, such as people who have excess weight, old, or family history of OSA. Researchers and clinicians have found clinical evidence that people who have hypertension or Type 2 diabetes have a much higher risk for OSA. AASM (The American Academy of Sleep Medicine) warns people who have these two kinds of diseases to be evaluated for OSA by professional certificated sleep medicine physicians.

If you go to the doctor, they will probably give you a check list with common symptoms of OSA, such as the ones listed below. You might be facing the threat of OSA if you have most of the problems in the list.

Depending on your situation, the doctor may also ask you to go to the sleeping center or use some home screener equipment to monitor your health measures, such as ECG signals, EMG signals, air flow, body positions, etc, to give you a more detailed examination.