Commitment To Improve Your Life

MD Biomedical is a groundbreaking provider of complete homecare solutions, which puts all its efforts on fulfilling the great mission of creating a new culture of human health as the main purpose.

Why choose MD Biomedical ?
We are now facing an aging population with a world flooded with modern civilization diseases. People started to realize the importance of health and develop higher standards and demands with respect to quality of life. In view of this, MD Biomedical puts all resources on researching and developing the best solutions of homecare and physiological monitoring.
The company devoted eight years to develop a unique PSG (Polysomnography) system. Unlike traditional PSGs, the compact design allows it to fit into a single briefcase, and instead of selling our painstaking effort to hospitals and medical institutions, the PSG became our core technology to benefit general customers.
Fulfill Your Needs
MD Biomedical focuses on making new prospect from the humanized design of homecare and diagnostically therapeutic facilities. The company’s core concept is to provide 3W, wireless, wearable, weightless designed products. The company have developed many cutting-edge devices with unprecedented lightweight, compact size, and functionality. The compact design with integration of high-density technology increases the efficiency of usage and comfortability of the users without sacrificing functionality.
Therefore, the requirements for either homecare or hospital can be satisfied and a whole new option is available for both physicians and patients. Furthermore, other than the quality and functionality of the devices, the esthetic of the product is also our top concern. Acknowledged by the Red Dot Design Award, MD Biomedical believes the devil is in the detail, only the best of the best could be launched on the market.
Look To The Future
MD biomedical will hang on the same faith, as well as the innovative vision, to develop more humanized and user-friendly devices and expect to provide advanced homecare solutions for consumers, and significant assistance for physicians and patients.
Furthermore, in order to be more competitive in the global market, MD biomedical will keep on introducing new technology and concept into the development of products, provide caring and life improving solutions, and without exception, continuously focusing on patent applications as backing, which has been enhancing the competitiveness of MD Biomedical all the time.